What is a social security card and how do I get one

If you still question what social security card is, you are probably not US citizen. Issued by Social Security Administration, this card contains unique nine-digit numbers, called as social security number. Its primary function is government enables to track individuals for social security purposes particularly for tax’s issue. Not only US citizen can get social security number but it is also issued for permanent resident and temporary worker.

Having social security card is like the life for US citizen. It is considered as de facto national identification number although the card has no photograph, birth date and physical description, which are found in state ID card. But without having it, you must get many problems. Fix them through https://www.assistedonlinefilings.com if you need assistance.

You may get informal job, but without social security number, you may find difficulty to legitimate financial activities such as applying for federal loan and credit card from bank or financial institution. You are also not allowed to apply certain types of public assistance programs and get enrolling in Medicare.

Federal law also obligates the US citizen to have social security number when applying for a passport. If you do not provide the numbers when applying passport, you will be fined $500. You also have provide social security number when apply to get driver’s license, get registration to school and private health insurance.

In fact, social security number is such tool for government to track the lifetime earning of its citizens as taxpayer and the years of working duration. With social security number, the calculation of tax paying is clear and controlled because Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is able to compare income employees report in tax return with income the employers report having paid their workers. So government is able to prevent such employers or financial institutions hire out illegal immigrants.

As benefits for citizens who have the social security number, it becomes easier for them to look forjobs. They are also able to claim unemployment benefits and social security disability income if their disabilities make them unable to work. When the time comes to retire, citizens are also able to claim retirement benefits. Upon the death of workers, citizens can be eligible for social security survivors’ benefits.

Federal Law obligates citizens to provide the social security numbers for such purposes, but it doesn’t mean you easily give it out when someone asks for it. It is not a must for you to fill out the medical paperwork with social security number while you are visiting medical providers. Unless, you start new job and showing it is obligation as proof of citizenship. But it is advised to show valid passport to prevent identity theft. You only give it when absolutely necessary.

Yes, the social security number is very important because it is difficult to replace. So you must keep it safe and prevent it stolen. The thieves or criminals may use your personal identifiable information for getting job or applying forjob or other financial activities using your identity and name.

You do not only keep the social security number safe, but all documents containing the numbers must be kept in secure place at home or you can put them into safe deposit box in bank.