Should You Use A Bow For Hunting?

Various factors come to mind when one is considering whether or not to use a bow for hunting. Hunting is an act which requires certain skills. Skills like timing, positioning of the weapon, positioning of where the animal is hit, and using the direction of wind to one’s advantage are all important and play a role in one’s choice of how to hunt. When we compare the use of bows with other methods, we will find that bows require a much higher skill level than do other hunting equipment like rifles.

This feature adds to the appeal of using bows, since many people are looking to enjoy the sport fully, often taking more difficult routes rather than easier ones to add to the fun. Moreover, the use of the best hunting bow gives a hands-on approach to hunting, reminiscent of our hunter-gatherer ancestors who did not have access to modern weapons like guns.

What makes bows especially effective is their quietness. While a gun would make a loud sound and run the risk of alerting the animals around, a bow kills in stealth, without making the slightest of sounds. Some would even argue that by using a bow, you are giving the animal a fair chance at survival as compared to when you use rifles which merely take away the lives of our furry friends without giving them a chance to redeem themselves.

When To Use Bows?
Bow hunting is an art. It requires that there be no distractions as a result of the loud sounds of rifles. Therefore, bow hunters are given a longer season to hunt than are hunters who wish to hunt with rifles. Since there is a lesser number of people present in playing fields during bow hunting season, there is a larger number of animals since there are less stimuli which could easily scare them away, like people’s scents or just their presence. Aside from issues of noise distractions, bow hunters are given a longer season so that they can have the whole playing field to themselves. Since bow hunting requires that the hunter be placed very close to the animal, this runs the risk of getting shot by other rifle-using hunters who are positioned at a farther distance. Find a day when the playing fields are reserved exclusively for bow hunters, when the winds are light and during broad daylight, to ensure clear vision and to avoid injury.

When NOT To Use Bows?
The reason why people would prefer not to opt for bows for hunting purposes is quite simple. While they may offer a blast from the past, bows are inefficient and difficult to use. They require a tremendous amount of stillness of hands and close proximity to the animal, a skill most people find strenuous to master.

When comparing guns to bows, the former is the easier to use, requires a lesser degree of skill, and offers a long shooting range. When using bows, one also has to be dressed in camouflage to get within the range without alerting the animal. Furthermore, if you decide to go hunting with your bow and arrow and the day turns out to be a windy one, your aim is likely to be wayward, unless you have mastered the skill of archery.