Secrets of a good-looking lawn

Making a lawn to look good requires some time to change it from looking ugly to looking good, or from looking good to looking great. You will also need time to keep it good or great. You are not only going to fix it from looking ugly to looking good and leave it, you have got to maintain it otherwise you will be back to where you started.

The very first thing to consider to make you lawn look good is the right watering. InĀ west chester ohio, you need to ensure you water your lawn about six inches deep into the soil, and this should be done twice or thrice per one week. I suggest to water your lawn in the morning between 5:00 am to 9:00 am. This is because during this time there is no much heat and wind to evaporate the water too quickly. Also, if you water your lawn in the evening, some of the water may remain on the grass blades overnight which could bring about lawn diseases like fungus which easily grow on wet conditions at night.

The next thing to consider is the right mowing. It is very crucial that you mow properly otherwise you may end up hurting your lawn. First, determine the recommended height to mow the type of your grass, then ensure that your mowing equipment is sharp enough. If you cut your grass too aggressively, the proper growth of the grass plants will be interrupted since they will be forced to focus on the regrowing of the grass blades and not the root systems. Longer grass blades covers the soil to keep it cool and thus preventing the sprouting of the weed seeds. When mowing is done properly, it will result in decreased amount of weeds and increased density of your grass. That will definitely make your lawn look great. Then also, you need to remember to mow again after several days.

The third thing to consider is the proper fertilizing. The right lawn fertilizers help your grass to grow faster, healthier and much greener. So you need to know the type of your grass and the recommended type of the fertilizer to use on that type of grass and how often to apply the fertilizer. This should be done one or two days after watering your lawn. Then after applying the fertilizer, you water your lawn lightly just enough to wash the fertilizer off the grass blades into the soil. Remember also that fertilizing your lawn should be kept consistent from one season to the next season.

The last thing to consider to make you lawn look good is killing the weeds. The best way to kill weeds is to make sure you do it while keeping the grass and the soil unaffected. You can do this by pulling the weeds up or uprooting them by digging them out. This method however can be a bit tedious and time consuming, you can therefore look for a gentler environment-friendly herbicide to get rid of the weed in your lawn. Surprisingly boiling water is the most recommended herbicide of all time,
ln conclusion, to make your lawn look good you need time to patiently do the above four considerations one at a time.