Importance of influencing people


Importance of Influencing People

Influence plays an important role in shaping an individual, often when one speaks of influence all attention is on its positive side. But there are two sides to this coin. The fact is whether a person makes an effort to get influenced or not, so long as you are alive, you are influenced by several factors consciously or unconsciously. This is why a deliberate effort to influence people positively is key as these forms the core values of the person.

For any individual to benefit from positive influence it should start with persons self esteem. Being surrounded with positive thinkers or optimists is key to influencing people positively. Why is this important? Once the mind and the heart is in perfect shape you can be who you want to be. You can achieve your goals you can rise to the top knowing that all things are possible if only you believe.

Once the inner man is in right standing, then any positive influence will fall on fertile grounds. As subtitle as influence is, it’s a silent character shaper. Counsel and advise is good, but the greatest way in shaping an individual is through influence. When people see results its speaks louder than any words spoken. Influence through you actions and through the things you say directly or indirectly shapes a person,

Formal education is good but the influence of a person can change the behavioral straits of an individual.Deliberate positive influenced is making a decision to surround yourself with people you respect, admire and hope to reflect their nature. This can gradually erase the effects of bad influence or otherwise convert bad influence into good ones.

Positive influence changes a persons view of life, the perspective of an individual can determine how far the person can go in life often this cannot be changed by any other means except through influence. People believe in who they are and what they stand for and its through the immediate persons influence that this can be altered.

Influencing people can inspire them to achieve greater heights. When a person feels that there is shared purpose he or she is motivated and convinced that it can be done with push of the influencer.

Even when it comes to leadership development, influence plays a paramount role, it sets the pace for success. If one can see their leader achieve their odds, it becomes a challenge on the followers to do better. Influence has even a bigger impact when it’s the other way round. In a cooperate organization when your subordinates have traits that are admirable , traits that get things done, it may seem as a threat but it’s a positive influence that pushes the leader to do better.

Influencing people may not always be a case of people having an impact on people. Events, circumstances and even nature influence people into becoming a better version of themselves unfortunately this is not always so, influence can change people to the worse, this same influence can revert this. The two sides of this coin is dicey and must be handled with wisdom. Check out the unique book by checking out this download the How To Win Friends and Influence People audiobook today!