Benefits of Having Your Music on Soundcloud

Soundcloud is an online music (audio) distribution platform that allows, among other things, promotion and collaboration of audio recordings. One of the biggest advantages of Soundcloud is it’s straightforward to use even for beginner artists. This platform is also a great toolbox for producers and record labels. Having your music on Soundcloud has many benefits, some of which are as follows.

It is an easy way to reach out to the world with your music.

Soundcloud presents a very easy way to have your music listened to by people from across the world. This is due to the fact that unlike many other similar online platforms such as Rdio, Spotify, and Deezer, Soundcloud does not have territorial limitations. So once you upload your audio recordings, any person can listen to it from anywhere in the world.

Soundcloud allows sharing music on a variety of other platforms.

With Soundcloud, you can publish your audio recordings anywhere unlike other music platforms that limit you to just the website to which you are subscribed. You can choose to share your music privately with your friends or share it on websites, blogs, and social media networks. So using Soundcloud is going to give you a lot of exposure that is critical especially if you intend to sell your music. But be sure to buy soundcloud likes right now before you share your music.

Soundcloud services are free.

While it is possible to sign up for special paying plans, it is absolutely free to register, upload, promote, and stream your music on Soundcloud. Again, it is worth mentioning that you are not limited to a particular size of music files you can upload. You can post as much music as you want for free. Also, you can record music on the move and post instantly so long as you have an Android, iPad or iPhone.

You can make money on Soundcloud.

Although it won’t make you rich, Soundcloud is a great platform to make some real money with your music. You have the option of adding your buying links on Soundcloud. When a listener likes your music, they will have the option to purchase it. So if your music is outstanding, you are going to make money on Soundcloud.

However, you have to be a little creative to make more money. For instance, if you want to tease an upcoming single or album, you can provide an excerpt of the song (or a few tracks from the album) exclusively. Then by clicking the buy links, fans will get to the pre-order page on iTunes.

Soundcloud can make you famous.

Having your music on Soundcloud can make you famous especially if it is really good music. And the fact that this platform doesn’t have territorial boundaries means you will be known worldwide. That’s cool, right?

To sum this up, it is also worth mentioning that the cleanliness and user-friendliness of the Soundcloud website are other big advantages of having your music on this platform. Not only is it user-friendly to you as an artist, but also to the listeners. So upload your audio recordings on Soundcloud and start enjoying these benefits.