Benefits of a portable standing desk

The negative impact of sitting for long hours at a time, cannot be over-emphasized, and perhaps this is the main reason you should consider a portable standing desk because it is more convenient, ergonomic, and simple to use. Even doctors do recommend portable standing desks for patients suffering from back pain and weight issues. The main benefits of a =portable standing desk are;

#1: It helps you maintain a straight, healthy back!

Sitting on your stationary desk all day is harmful to your back because you can hardly sit straight behind it. If you consider the damage you are doing to your spinal cord when you sit behind your desk all day, then you will consider getting a portable standing desk for yourself. With a portable standing desk, you can adjust your desk upward and that helps you stretch your back, which in turn reduces the pressure on your spine. View more at

#2: Reduces the risk of weight gain and closely related cardiovascular problems

There are numerous researches that have linked prolonged sitting to excessive weight gain, and obesity, which in turn can increase your chances of developing diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure and even death. Doctors do recommend that back sufferers must avoid sitting for more than an hour at a time. A portable standing desk can help lower back pain and also reduce the risks of other symptoms such as stiffness in the back.

#3: Reduces muscle stiffness

There is an increased tendency for your muscles to become floppy when you are seated for long periods. Muscle floppiness is a sign that your back is not well-supported. when you are in a standing position, your core muscles will hold your back in position, hence a standing position will be more appropriate for your muscles to stretch and hold your frame in place.

#4: Can be easily assembled and stored

One of the greatest benefits of a portable standing desk is the ability to assemble it within few seconds or minutes. It is simply a miniature desk that that can be assembled on top of a bigger desk. This portability makes it easy to be folded up and moved everywhere you go. In addition to easy assembling and storage, a portable desk is lightweight, which makes it even easier to be transported effortlessly from one place to another. The components of the standing desk, are collapsible, which means they can be dismantled easily after usage, without breaking any component – this itself will facilitate its storage and transportation.

#5: It comes with a comfortably large workspace

You don’t have to be worried about having a workspace that will accommodate your computer, books and other items that you use on your traditional sitting desk. The portable standing desk comes with sufficient workspace where you can transfer all your office needs or supplies and work comfortably.

In conclusion, your health should be your priority and the cost of getting a portable standing desk is a fraction of what you will spend treating a back pain.